• Does Meshlicious come with 90 Degree / Right Angle HDMI or DisplayPort Cable for GPU?
  • Yes, 90 Degree / Right Angle HDMI 1.4 cable comes in the box.90 Degree / Right Angle DisplayPort cable is available on our store.
  • DisplayPort vs HDMI for Included Cable
  • Low Profile HDMI cable comes in the box, but only necessary if using a GPU 320mm or longer like the MSI Supreme X, Gaming X Trio.
    HDMI is included by default because it’s more versatile. Compared to DisplayPort, HDMI is more common for monitors and television sets, and some motherboards come standard with a HDMI port but no DisplayPort port (ex: MSI B550I Gaming), so HDMI was included. To that end, both angled HDMI and angled DisplayPort should not interfere with other connectors for multiple display configurations. We also have a low profile angled DisplayPort 1.4 in the works for those in need.